Wednesday theme classes, courses etc

Wednesdays 19,00

7/2  Yogic Spiritual Meditation class
A lovely meditation class with a spiritual touch. First a short review, then we go into the more practical part of this class.
We start relaxation and some deep breathing, then we do some preparatory, calming and vibrational pranayama,
then we chant some Mantras together and then continue with some AUM repetition that leads us into the Meditation.
We continue with the meditation for about 30 minutes.
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21/2, 28/2 & 7/3 3ggr Yoga Nidra  - mer info här

4/4 Meditation & Deep Pranayama 60min (not for total beginners)
25-30 min Meditation +
60min deep Pranayama: Khapalabhati, Anuloma ViIloma, Sheetali, Brahmari, Samanu & Bhastrika.

18/4 - 23/5  Meditation Grundkurs 6ggr - mer info här
30/5 Lecture about Mantra and how to chose yours.