Looking for a tool to relief stress?
Yoga Nidra is great for mental stress and/or stress related issues in life
Supports your recovery when you are burnout.
Releases both mental, physical and emotional tensions and makes you feel really relaxed.

Want to sleep better?
Yoga Nidra is really good for insomnia, or problems falling a sleep.
It is widely used to decrease anxiety, and depressions.

Effects of doing Yoga Nidra:
- great for Migraine and Asthma.
- enhances creativity
- purifies body, Mind & our Subconscious
- increases energy
- heals the endocrine system
- often used for trauma
- if practiced regularly it will slowly transform your character to the better.

- Yoga Nidra equals about 3-4 hours of sleep because the brain wave state we're in is extremely relaxing.
- It is an fantastic way to access the parasympathetic state, which is where our own natural healing happens.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a old tantric technique and is like a little hidden jewel of the yogic tools that are now starting to be popular and understood.  Traditionally Yoga Nidra is a yogic practice to deep mental, emotional and physical healing and self-exploration. It is used in a deeper aspect to clear some of your samskaras which drives your karma in this life.
In authentic Yoga Nidra when you get a lot of experience it can bring us to the fourth state of consciousness (Turia) and further on give you the liberation - Moksha. But this would be possible only for spiritual practitioners in a higher consciousness.

Yoga Nidra is translated as "yogic sleep," a state where your body goes to sleep but you are still awake & aware.
In Yoga Nidra, you leave the Waking state, go past the Dreaming state, and go to Deep Sleep, yet remain awake.
It brings access to the subconscious level of mind, that is underneath even the processing, fantasizing, imaging level of mind. It is the doorway to the causal level of reality, out of which springs the subtle, psychic, astral plane of reality.

We lay on pur backs in Savasana or the whole practice. Then you are guided though the layers "koshas" of your body. and trough the different states of consciousnesses,
It has many different "tools" but in general it will be: Body part scanning, breath awareness, mental breath control, visualizations, being the witness and spiritual rest.
During the Yoga Nidra we also use a Sankalpa, which is an intention or an resolution that you place deep within like a seed grow stronger and be a part of what you call "you"

Everyone can do Yoga Nidra, but it takes practice to experience he deeper levels of this ancient practice.

Open classes:
Mondays 18.10 - ca 19,00

1 class / Drop in - 160kr
5ggr - 700kr

Upcoming "courses":
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