Coaching/ Private (with a yogic approach)
As your private coach/ teacher my wish is to server you.
I will do my best to support, inspire, teach & guide you along your individual journey.

We all have various purpose and reasons to why we do yoga. and/or Meditation.
I have my journey, my experiences and my ways of seeing things.
But that doesn't mean that I cant  use my knowledge & wisdom to support you to what ever your purpose is.

You can come private to me for many reasons and take part om my expertise and knowledge
- different health issues.
- a more yoga authentic reason and how to deepen your practice.
- maybe you like to get more support to your asanas.
- stress related reasons.
- general life coaching from a yogic perspective
- develop a home practice
- mentoring towards other teachers.

or use the formula below.

Private session
About 60-75min -
(can also be trough skype)
800kr / Session

5 Sessions 3500kr
The 5 sessions need to be within 3 months.