Open weekly Classes & Corporate classes
I teach on an every week basis in Stockholm in Sweden.
I do also teach for private groups and at companies´.
I am also hired for inspirational classes or when there are for example health days and so on at different work places.

Weekly  classes

I teach regularly at the Holistic & Spiritual Center "Conscious Life Center" in Södermalm, Stockholm.
For the current schedule please visit
Classes there are mostly in Swedish but some are in English if any english spoken student participates.

I teach within traditional Yoga.
Hatha Yoga Sivananda: Open, Intermediate classes & Beginner courses
Meditation: classes/ courses
Yoga Nidra

Conscious Life Center

Magnusladulåsgata 48

Corporate/ Company or Private classes

Most of my company classes are or become continues classes where I teach there once  week for the main part of each semester.
It can be the company it self that like to offer yoga to their staff or it can be that a group of people working at the same place decide they like to have a class at their work place so the collect a group and arrange it them selves.
Most assignments want me to come to their place, but it is also possible to come to Conscious Life Center and have class(es) there.
Usually it starts with one "trial class" so they can let interested colleagues to have a chance to try "me and my yoga" before they commit. Then it is a minimum 10 classes (clas every week) but most decide to do the whole semester (usually between 15-20 weeks)

Some of the assignments I have had during the years
- TV4
- Åhlens Headquarter
- Stockholms bostadsförening
- Statoil/ Circle K
- Carneggie Investment bank
- Avalanche Studios
- Soundtrack your Brand

If you are interested feel free to contact me: